4 501.00 EUR

NODE is a collection of lights by the two designers from Odd Matter Studio, Els Woldhek & Georgi Manassiev. The collection is inspired by the simple and direct language of electrical diagrams in which the workings of a lamp are visually described. With this collection the duo based their designs on the idea that a lamp needs to transform to deliver light but light is not a part of the physicality of the object. Suggesting that a lamp is a sculptural object when light isn’t present and it’s function begins with this transformation. With NODE this transformation is turned into an integral part of the lamp. By moving one of the components the electrical circuit is opened or closed, turning the light off or on. Resulting in a form that visually describes it’s on or off state. All lamps are made to order and have a 6 week production time. They can be made in the colours: anthracite, cobalt, aubergine or nude. All colours are mixed by hand and devices can influence the appearance of images. Therefore please note that the final colour might deviate slightly from what you see.